In its first years, Zaher offered metal forming services in response to the needs detected within the sector in the region of Urola. It started in a small 330 m2 building but, over time and with an expanding market, it evolved and grew at a considerable rate, until it had to acquire another building

of 1000 m2 in 2004. In what was its first building, it established a new division with the creation of Zaher Maching. This workshop is devoted to machining of parts, and the metal forming division was installed in the second, Zaher Metal Forming.

Metal forming
Grupo Zaher

Moreover, the machinery sector meant they had to extend their facilities and acquire a new 700 m2 building, where today the dedication and effort to improve is strengthened every day.

Now the Zaher Group is a large team, with a staff of 30 workers, a core of specialists in Metal Forming and Machining.

This entire project is supported by designers and engineers with extensive and varied knowledge of the sector.

As you can appreciate, the Zaher Group continues to constantly evolve with the sole aim of offering improved solutions to our customers, as well as widening its European market.